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Guide to Personal Knowledge: The Philosophy of Michael Polanyi

Tacit Knowledge, Emergence and the Fiduciary Program

Dániel Paksi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Hungary and Mihály Héder, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Hungary

April 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-313-1
Availability: In stock
233pp. ¦ $65 £47 €54

This book will help readers understand the most important book of Michael Polanyi, ‘Personal Knowledge’, and help them grasp the essence of his philosophical thinking. In this volume, Polanyi’s goals are first reconstructed, and then his main philosophical arguments are introduced. The discussion is limited to the most crucial ideas that are indispensable for the arc of his book: tacit knowledge, emergence and the fiduciary program. The thirteen chapters of this volume explain the essence of the thirteen chapters of ‘Personal Knowledge’. The page numbers in this book work just as well with the 2015 ‘Enlarged Edition‘ of ‘Personal Knowledge‘ as with the original issues. Whether you just want to get the key quotation and the context right on tacit knowledge, emergence or the fiduciary program, or want to have a deep dive for your scholarly research in philosophy and management, this book is for you.

Disability and the Academic Job Market

Edited by Chris McGunnigle, Seton Hall University

May 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-419-0
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311pp. ¦ $86 £67 €74

"Disability and the Academic Job Market" examines ableist structures in academia that inherently create obstacles to full-time employment for people with a disability. Based on historical and contemporary scholarship, it has been shown how disclosure of a disability can have profound repercussions for a scholar with a disability. Scholars with a disability are often inhibited from applying to or being promoted in academia because of direct discrimination, negative perception towards people with a disability, inaccessible physical and performance conditions, and social models of disability that characterize disability as unproductive, abnormal, and risky. While scholarship has addressed ableism in academia, it has not strongly focused on the specific difficulties and barriers that a person with a disability faces when applying for a full-time academic position. This book seeks to provide a resource that brings to light ableist conditions in the academic hiring process through the lived experiences of scholars with a disability, with hope to implement change in these situations. This collection presents a combination of personal narrative and scholarship from academics with a disability who have navigated the academic job market, with additional contributions from non-disabled allies who have advocated for change in academic structures. Our collection begins by expressing the concerned experiences of students entering the academic job market, followed by scholars who have more fully lived through the obstacles of the academic market in both contingent and tenure track positions. A vital focus of this collection is on intersectionality as chapters draw from interactions between disability and race, gender, and sexuality across international contexts. Important topics discussed throughout the collection include systemic ableism, disclosure, the job interview, academic workaholism, and lack of accommodations.

Towards a science of ideas: An inquiry into the emergence, evolution and expansion of ideas and their translation into action

Edited by Guido Enthoven, Institute for Social Innovation, Netherlands et al.

April 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-425-1
Availability: In stock
328pp. ¦ $86 £66 €74

Ideas are the basic building blocks that construct the world we live in. Yet despite the abundance of literature on creativity and innovation, there has been little reflection on ideas as such, their nature and their working mechanisms. This book provides foundations for a reflection focused specifically on ideas - what they are, how they emerge, develop, interact, gain acceptance and become translated into actions. In doing so the book moves beyond the mainstream approaches, offering new, promising theoretical angles, presenting original findings and initiating a research agenda for a science of ideas. This book provides a fresh perspective on how to conceptualize and study ideas and their working mechanisms by treating ideas as the main object of the study and by bringing together a group of original thinkers, scholars, and philosophers to move beyond the mainstream academic discourse on creativity and innovation.

Ephemeral Coast: Visualizing Coastal Climate Change

Edited by Celina Jeffery, University of Ottawa

March 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-424-4
Availability: In stock
204pp. [Color] ¦ $113 £86 €95

'Ephemeral Coast: Visualizing Coastal Climate Change' considers the ways that art can offer a means through which to discover, analyze, re-imagine and re-frame emotive discourses about the ecological and cultural transformations of the coastline. This edited anthology takes ephemerality as its central conceptual and methodological framework and presents a series of essays that create interconnections between environmental and social considerations of the coast, a succession of embodied creative practices, and shifting regional geographic identities. The book presents a series of specific case studies of artistic practices and strategies that seek to capture the rewriting of cartographic maps that are being reshaped by rising seas, coastal flooding and catastrophic weather. The essays in this edited volume engender creative strategies for understanding new and uncertain coastal ecologies and the loss, expulsion or destruction of their associated cultures, habitats, species and ecosystems. The anthology also looks at the historical, mnemonic and contemporary transitional conditions of ‘conflicted’ coastal spaces in which empire, modernity and globalization press on coastal erosion and incursions, proliferate it with trivial plastics, pollution and disposable attitudes, and bring vulnerable communities into uncertain futures.

Researching the Teaching of Drawing

Edited by Raymond M. Klein, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

May 2022 / ISBN: 978-1-64889-423-7
Availability: In stock
212pp. ¦ $75 £59 €65

The Drawing Laboratory at NSCAD University was founded with funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in 2005 as a collaboration between psychological scientists from Dalhousie and drawing instructors at NSAD. The Drawing Lab is thus a unique place where scientists and artists collaborate on interdisciplinary research about the complex intellectual and practical act of drawing from observation. By bringing the scientific method to bear on how drawing processes unfold, those involved seek to improve drawing education while furthering research on the cognitive processes involved in drawing. The chapters in this book describe that research. ‘Perceptual and Cognitive Processes in Drawing from Observation’ will hold much interest for drawing instructors and students, psychologists and neuroscientists with a specialism in art, as well as those with a general interest in art and science. Authors of this volume are Amanda Burk, John Christie, Tim Fedak, Raymond Klein, Geniva Liu, Bryan Maycock, Mathew Reichertz and Jack Wong.