Poetic Inquiry Atlas Vol. 1: A Survey of Rigorous Poetics

Adam Vincent (Ed.)

by Dani Rimbach-Jones (University of Tennessee), Bonnie Nish (Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society; University of British Columbia, Canada), Wanda Campbell (Acadia University), Jennifer L. Tipton (University of Tennessee), Leia K. Cain (University of Tennessee), Laura Apol (Michigan State University, USA), Christi Kramer , Lee Beavington (SSHRC; Simon Fraser University, Canada), Holly Tsun Haggarty (Lakehead University), René Saldaña, Jr. (Texas Tech University), Jessica Schwind (University of Tennessee), Zach Urquhart (Texas Tech University), Mihaela Enache (Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand), Joel E. Berends (Michigan State University), Michelle Reale (Arcadia University), Lawrence Wilson (Sonic Studios, UK), Paul M. Camic (Dementia Research Centre, University College London, UK), Yvonne Sliep (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), Sarah Penwarden (Laidlaw College, New Zealand), Botao Wu (The University of British Columbia), Tess Maginess (Queen’s University), Marí Peté (Durban University of Technology, South Africa), Margaret McKeon (St. Mary’s University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

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This edited volume illustrates various definitions and uses of poetry in research and scholarship, both across disciplines and across the world. The collection offers a worldview of the capacity of poetic inquiry to enhance research and scholarship by showcasing rigorous poetics (which [re]present epistemology and aesthetics as synergistic) in action. Each chapter is intended to highlight diverse perspectives and uses of poetic inquiry, thereby highlighting commonalities and differences in praxis, that include:
- Critical discussion around poetry and its uses in each poet-scholar’s diverse practices (e.g., research, writing, personal development, healthcare, mental health, ecology and/or scholarship).
- An example of poetry that showcases their approach(es) in action.
- Insights into the crafting of their poetry (i.e., what choices were made? why were specific choices made?)
- An exploration of how their poetic work links to the vast rhizomatic array of poetic inquiry.
This volume is well-suited for new scholars, looking for ways to integrate poetry into their praxis, and experienced scholars who wish to further their understanding of the capaciousness of poetic inquiry as a valuable method, methodology, tool and/or approach. It also holds insights for those interested in the power of poetry as it relates to mental health, health care, ecology, teaching, qualitative research and identity work.

List of Figures
Foreword: Surveying the Rigorous Poetics of Poetic Inquiry
Adam Vincent
Capilano University; The University of British Columbia, Canada

Western Hemisphere
Chapter 1
The Healing Powers of Poetry and Poetic Inquiry
Bonnie Nish
Word Vancouver; Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society, Canada
Margaret McKeon
St. Mary’s University, Canada
Chapter 2
An Alzheimer’s Abecedarius: Context, Content and Constraint
Wanda Campbell
Acadia University, Canada
Chapter 3
Poetic Inquiry for Clinical Practice and Education of Mental Health Practitioners
Jennifer L. Tipton
University of Tennessee, USA
Leia K. Cain
University of Tennessee, USA
Chapter 4
Breaking/Silence: Personal and Pedagogical Poetic Navigation Around Teaching About Sexual Violence in a University Classroom Setting
Laura Apol
Michigan State University, USA
Chapter 5
Of Longing: An Inquiry Into Critical Crossings: What Is Left at the End of the World?
Christi Kramer
Independent Researcher, Canada
Chapter 6
Building an Ecology of Pedagogy: Art, Science and Poetic Inquiry in the Temperate Rainforest
Lee Beavington
Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Simon Fraser University, Canada
Chapter 7
Poetic Inquiry and Creational Dialectics
Holly Tsun Haggarty
Lakehead University, Canada
Chapter 8
The Many Ways of Sources: Giving Voice to the Research Data
René Saldaña, Jr.
Texas Tech University, USA
Chapter 9
Poetic Knowledge Construction: Understanding of the Self as Individual and Researcher
Jessica Schwind
University of Tennessee, USA
Dani Rimbach-Jones
University of Tennessee, USA
Leia K. Cain
University of Tennessee, USA
Chapter 10
Poetic Expression: Using Poetry to Find Participants’ Voice in Research
Zach Urquhart
Texas Tech University, USA
Chapter 11
Knock Knock: A Personal and Poetic Inquiry of the Eurostep and a Poem as a Map
Joel E. Berends
Michigan State University, USA
Chapter 12
The Poetic Inquiry Lifecycle: Process and Representation
Michelle Reale
Arcadia University , USA

Eastern Hemisphere
Chapter 13
Dancing the Labyrinth: Researching Rarer Health ConditionsThrough Collaborative Poetry
Lawrence Wilson
Independent Researcher, Sonic Studios, UK
Paul M. Camic
Dementia Research Centre, University College London, UK
Chapter 14
Witnessing Across Hemisphere Through Haibun: Vox Spectare
Yvonne Sliep
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Chapter 15
Listening “as if at a Poetry Recital”: Finding Poetry in Talk and Reflecting on it as a Way of Knowing
Sarah Penwarden
Laidlaw College, New Zealand
Chapter 16
Be(long)ing(s): Exploring the Entanglement of Belongings, Belongingness, and Transcultural Identity by Integrating Translation and Poetic Inquiry
Botao Wu
The University of British Columbia, Canada
Chapter 17
Veiled Imaginings? A Critical Poetic Inquiry on St Bridget?
Tess Maginess
Queen’s University, UK
Chapter 18
Choosing the Imagination to Comprehend University Lecturers’ Agency in Relation to Technology
Marí Peté
Durban University of Technology, South Africa
Chapter 19
The C in My Name: An Exploration of Teacher Identity Through Poetry
Mihaela Enache
Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Notes on the Editor
Notes on Contributors

Adam Vincent, PhD, is an award-winning researcher, poet and instructor. His research into the definition and uses of poetic inquiry in research and scholarship led to the publication of his well-received monograph 'Poetic Inquiry: Unearthing the Rhizomatic Array Between Art and Research' (2022). In addition to his academic research, Vincent teaches in the areas of post-secondary Communications, Educational Studies, Literacy Education and Study Strategies which sees him familiar with diverse issues across the disciplines. It has also given him a unique perspective on where he feels poetry could expand ways of knowing, bolster learning and support personal development practices. Vincent strives to learn even more about poetry and its possibilities across what he calls the "rhizomatic array" of poetic inquiry through his community involvement and the creation of this book. This book is a compendium that takes a deeper look into poetic inquiry from the diverse approaches and perspectives of poets, researchers and scholars from across the globe.

Poetic inquiry; poetry; arts-based research; arts-based educational research; qualitative research

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Poetic Inquiry Atlas Vol. 1: A Survey of Rigorous Poetics





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