Announcement: BLS Initiative 2021 Winners

At Vernon Press, we are committed to providing a home for ideas of international importance and supporting pluralism and intellectual diversity. In accordance with this mission, our Bridging Languages and Scholarship (BLS) initiative aims to extend the reach of selected titles by facilitating or financing translations into other languages, and to support the production of multilingual and translingual publications for the international markets we serve. To recognize high-quality scholarship, we have committed to cover the cost of a small number of translations into Spanish. Our selection is based on the recommendations of independent peer reviewers (all selected manuscripts must have been among our best scoring manuscripts in terms of originality, rigor, and potential impact) and our internal market assessment.

We are excited to announce the three lucky winners of our BLS Initiative 2021:

Gonzalo Munévar, A Theory of Wonder: Evolution, Brain and the Radical Nature of Science

Munévar's work is a "lively, interesting, and informative" discussion, which draws on an "impressive" range of examples to develop an interesting evolutionary view of the nature of science.

Tracy Gaynor Harwood and Ben Grussi, Pioneers in Machinima: The Grassroots of Virtual Production

This book has been deemed to be a "much-needed and powerful" read, that offers a "unique perspective" in its telling of the story of machinima.

Janet Stanley, Alan March, James Ogloff and Jason Thompson, Feeling the Heat: International Perspectives on the Prevention of Wildfire Ignition

Highly Recommended by CHOICE, this book has a timely topic and is considered an important study in its field.


Congratulations to our 2021 winners, and thank you to all the authors who applied for the 2021 cycle of our BLS Initiative.

The next round of proposals for BLS runs until October 31, 2022. If you would like your manuscript to be considered for a translation financed by us or have secured funding to cover the translation fee, please contact us For more information on the BLS Initiative, please see our website

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